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Defining business ambitions and leading transformative change

Led by a team of dedicated financial services audit partners and directors EXL Auditing team, has grown to an excellent financial services audit professionals who provide a range of key services to regulated entities across the financial services sector including banks, insurance companies, asset managers, funds, Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), credit unions and emerging fintech players.


Growth has been particularly strong over the past three years, mainly driven by our unique service offering.


The EXL Auditing Financial Services Audit team offers expertise and knowledge along with a horizontal approach to solving clients' problems and queries. Clients get access to the full range of our expertise and the complete service offering which exists within EXL Auditing. Any questions that might arise during the course of the audit can be dealt with by our core audit team complemented by our other subject matter experts across the different areas of the firm. This strength in depth which combines the expertise of our audit team with dedicated specialists in other key areas allows us to offer a complete audit service to our clients. ​

One-Stop Solution Center

For all the financing and subsidy needs of the project, EXL Auditing Team will act as your business's one-stop solution center. We have an unparalleled advantage in coordinating with banks and central government offices to meet debt and grant needs as quickly as possible.


The wide range of business advisory services provided by us includes:

Feasibility Studies:

A feasibility study addresses how you will get your product to market (i.e., how the business will produce, store, deliver, and track its products or services.) A Financial Feasibility study projects how much start-up capital is needed, sources of capital, returns on investment, and other financial considerations. It looks at how much cash is required, where it will come from, and how it will be spent.


A financial feasibility study, or FFS, should assess the viability of a project based on a major pivotal component: will the project or business have enough cash to complete the project (and generate a profit). One of the bottom lines of any business is whether a company can sustain itself, pay its employees, and of course make a profit. A financial study can help in this assessment.


Components to considers include:

  • Company Expenses

  • Revenues.

  • Assets

  • Liabilities

  • Cash flow (money in, and money out).

Organizational Transformation:

Organizational transformation is the process of transforming and changing the existing corporate culture to achieve a competitive advantage or address a significant challenge. It can be an exciting time for any organization.


The challenge for many organizations though is knowing there is a need for organizational transformation, but not being certain of what the corporate culture needs to be transformed to. 


Strategic Review:

A strategic review helps organizations to take stock and work through change by focusing on the big external and internal challenges. There is an explicit focus upon the whole organization and its wider context, rather than pressing day-to-day operational issues.


Reviews support organizations to look to the future, assess changes in the external environment and find their own responses to problems and opportunities. They are a chance to step back and to reflect upon a series of fundamental questions about the organization’s purpose and values.


Market Entry:

Market entry strategy is a planned distribution and delivery method of goods or services to a new target market. In the import and export of services, it refers to the creation, establishment, and management of contracts in a foreign country.


Market entry strategy is the base of how your business wants to engage with new clients, achieve business aims, and set up powerful relations on the new market. The strategy outlines what to say, how to say, and whom to say it to make more sales.


A market research company is the exact one you can rely on in the business. You must know the companies do not develop a market entry strategy with the help of intuition, at least not everyone.


Cross-Border Expansion:

Overseas expansion is an exhilarating prospect for many businesses and a pressing, sometimes stressful, reality for others. 


Internationally expanding businesses should remember growth is a marathon, not a sprint. EXL Auditing has compiled some of the tips, practices, and attitudes we have seen clients adopt in their short- and long-term international planning. These foreign expansion strategies push a company beyond yesterday's borders without sacrificing domestic activities or objectives setting the stage for a successful today and tomorrow.


Process Improvement:


World-class organizations live and breathe a culture of continuous improvement. When an error occurs, management systems kick in to investigate and prevent the cause. Even when problems do not occur, employees look for ways to reduce waste and improve performance. But how exactly does one create a culture of continuous improvement? A key catalyst is often a management tool called Layered Process Audits (LPAs).

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We ensure information and expertise are readily shared across EXL auditing and that all of our clients receive consistent personal services. We believe it takes close relationship to build confident and confidence enables our advisors to support clients with tailored solutions, proactivity and quality care.


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