Accounting and Bookkeeping

While being integral to each other, accounting and bookkeeping are the stepping stones for generating the financial statement, audits, and tax return documents of any organisation. Bookkeeping in its simplest form refers to entry of daily earnings and expenditures in a systematic way. Building up on that, accounting takes into consideration the designing and presentation of the bills generated for and by the organisation. Without accurate bookkeeping there can not be an efficient accounting system. The Financial Services Audit Dubai by EXL Auditing thrive to offer the best bookkeeping presentation and number processing over a period of time by keeping a scrutinized tab on their ledger entries and reporting back the relevant blindspots. In compliance with the auditing rules and regulations, the EXL team employs its best accountants and finance experts to ledger in each number and decimal corresponding to the company’s specified activity with the utmost level of data privacy.