Audit and Assurance


Auditing and Assurance are the major pillars for the establishment of a company’s financial discipline. Auditing is the very basic step of Financial Audit services Dubai which takes under its trail the practice of ethical presentation of its financial and taxation records along with the provision of best legal advisory to its clients. Good Auditing practice ensures fair presentation of a company’s performance and its corresponding fiscal deposition along with zero tolerance to funds misuse and fraudulent activities.

Audit and assurance


Assurance is an augmentation of auditing that focuses on improving the quality of data collection and record for enhanced profits of the company. Assurance proceeds on the fundamentals of analysis and assessment of the financial records as per the accounting standards set by the authorities. Whether it’s about company formation in UAE or boosting the profit margins of an established company, EXL Auditing takes care of all financial and taxation operations that fall under the umbrella of auditing.